Ivy Monroe

This girl reminds me of a girl I have seen on NubileFilms.  I know that site is more of an artistic adult film site and you will never see a girl get deep throated with a cock all the way down her throat that the sperm ozzes out the sides like this because she can’t spit it out.  I guess if you want to be in facial abuse you better swallow because you are going to get it deep in there with a massive cum load.


Lucy Levon

Another site if you like Facial Abuse is more about massive amounts of cum that shot in their and all over the place. guys who when they orgasm let off loads of cum that are monsters. Check out this blog of some jizz shots that they caught mid squirt. Not facials but just massive loads of cum squirting at the girl because she is so hot and her guy is being given pleasure. Of course those drizzles do get on the face some times too. The best is when the girls are jerking the guy off and open up their mouth for him to squirt in there.

Mika Tan

I always kind of thought oral porn was basically amateurs getting abused. I never realized they had porn stars. I know this picture of Mika Tan is old and maybe when it was done she wasn’t yet a porn star but this is some classic FA porn. She gets is so bad she barfs and then she eats her own puke. This is a girl who clearly knows how to entertain. A sex goddess who no one should be surprised that she became such a star. You can check her out for some of her best performances on this blog dedicated to her. mikatan.org

Crazy Porn

one of the most wild porn sites on the internet is from the guys from porn pros. They have sites like cumshot surprise, huge titty sites and even a squirting site. There is a lot of humiliation and bondage type stuff too. They used to have site sleep creep. But they took it down in favor of massage creep. Sleep creep as you can guess is creepy guys who fondle girls while they sleep. And the girls wake up and give him a huge blowjob. Only in the fantasy world of porn would a guy get rewarded for such creepy behavior. Dont try that at home folks.

Latin Porn

What makes a latina lady therefore beautiful. Is it simply the woman’s hot and spicy personality? Or is this your ex extended darkish hair. Or your darkish features and brown skin. Does your woman have long legs on a small physique. Will be the beauty inside eye or perhaps your grin. Maybe there’s simpler. Could it be the actual culture along with the content get fortunate dynamics of most latin women which make them therefore popular with males. They are not all as popular as Gigi Spice. The hot accentuate inside the motion pictures might play a role inside the mystic that men get growing up desiring them. There are several lovely ladies on the planet but not way too many are while fantastic being a latina woman

Macho Guy With Teen

Is it macho to be an older guy and score with a younger girl. What about one who is 20 years younger and only 18 or 19 years old. Think about it she is technically still a teen even if she is an adult and can vote. In the US she couldn’t have a glass of wine with diner yet. Is she mature enough to date an older guy. And is he really macho. Well in the porn world these teens like guys with big cocks even if they are older. Sites like Teens Like It Big feature hot young 18 year old porn stars who do it with older guys with huge cocks.

Mature Facials

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Titty Facials

okay so this one might not be a pure facial site but it is a titty cumshot site and most of the time it also gets on the face. Titty facials let’s call it. Check out Titty Attack here and look at over a hundred free galleries of all their girls and free sample pictures of girls with big tits getting facialized all over their nipples and face. Big cocks attacking tits with tit jobs and cum all over the place.